Out of Hiding!

Saturday, Dec. 23, 2006 07:54

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Where have I been? Goodness! I was thinking things would slow down once the party ceased, but they did not. They continued on at their breakneck pace. Now we'll just have to wait until the holiday is over.

The party was very nice this year. More people than last year and not nearly as many as the year before. A good crowd. We've gotten to the point where most of the older people - friends and relatives of Husband's parents - don't show. It's due to weather or health or the massive amount of stair climbing involved in traversing our home. But, oh!, we have the best friends. Even if we see them only this one time each year, it is so wonderful to hug them and find their children becoming beautiful young people and to see them healthy and happy.

The biggest surprise this year was probably Husband's shirtail cousins who came early, without their parents, and stayed quite late. Their twin daughters were the perfect age - 4? - and over the shyness that plagued them in previous years. The dog was so patient with them as they took total responsibility for making sure she was where she was supposed to be and not "running away". Dragging her around by her collar was one of the twin's job all night.

I was a little on the rough side the next day. Not hung over; just done in, I think. When one doesn't take care of one's self, it can get kind of dicey. Poor Husband had to take on the lion's share of the cleaning. This was difficult for him as he had trown himself down the stairs earlier in the week and has been nursing a broken rib ever since.

So, the party and cleanup over, I was back to work thinking that the two weeks leading up to the holiday would be full of rest and relaxation.


The two new people are still not up to speed - one seems to have regressed - and the customers seem to have forgotten that the end of the year is when we SLOW DOWN! Eleven hours of overtime last week made for a nice check this week, but it made me cranky and tired and wanting to do little else but climb into a bag of chips at night. This last week, if we were all caught up, we would get to work half days on Thursday and Friday. We discussed it and mulled it over, etc., but the new kids still didn't seem to get that this meant working harder at the beginning of the week. Sigh.

In the end, it was okay. What would I do with an afternoon alone, anyway. (sniff.)

The holiday gift giving began last night. Boy and I went to CWF's house to open gifts. I was very surprised that I did not get what I thought she had gotten me. That's okay, I'll just buy it myself. I did get a lot of nice little gifties, though. She seemed to love the pillow I made her from a photo of my lilacs. Her home was beautiful and it felt wonderful to just relax in front of her lake view.

Today, the Grandmas will come to distribute their gifts. Nana wanted to be "first" this year. (Here's hoping the two medications she's on for her depression are working well!) The weather being springlike will mean Grandma has no excuse for not coming out of her cave. We're going to have pizza and watch movies.

Tomorrow, the Papoo's come over in the evening. I'm going to make baked mostacolli, which used to be my staple go-to dish but I haven't made it in forever. We'll eat and watch movies. No big presents as Papoo is out of work right now and things are a little thin for them this year. (Which is fine because what do we need? Not a damned thing.)

Christmas morning will be breakfast at the SIL's, then in an unusual twist, we have nothing planned. Husband will go to the Principal's house, while we either go to a show or hang out at home. (More and more, I'm voting for hanging out at home.)

The best gift of all is that we're all happy and healthy and loved. And I have the next 10 days off!


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