Out With The Old...

Saturday, Dec. 30, 2006 08:40

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Christmas was nice and quiet. The grandmas came on Saturday and we all enjoyed our pizza festival. They stayed a little later than I might have imagined and Grandma seemed really in top form, although breathing doesn't seem to be her best skill lately. Nana was on her best behavior. Hardly any snarking. A lovely time was had by all.

Sunday, the Papoo's came in the evening. Papoo was still in much pain from his pinched nerve. It worries me for more than one reason, but he was in a good mood. We had much too much food and did not watch a movie as Papoo was itching to get home early - see above reference to pain. Still, a nice time.

Monday we did the SIL breakfast thing. Loads of fun, as always. Way lotta food. Boy on his best behavior and only slightly cringing when he realized next year he will not be the youngest. (We open presents in order of age, youngest to oldest!) Niece-in-law is much pregnant and having her C-section within a couple weeks, so we'll have toddler toddling about next Christmas. Fun. Afterward, we did end up at the movies. Boy to see the Museum movie and Nana and I to see Dreamgirls. (Jennifer Hudson is something.) Home to a nice quiet house and Grey's Anatomy-thon on the sofa where my butt made an imprint that wouldn't let me leave until sometime Wednesday.

Sadly, the rest of the week I did not accomplish much. There were errands run and bills paid and groceries bought (although how we could need more food is beyond me), but mostly there was 20 or more hours of Grey's and computer games and general laziness.

Yesterday, I did take the Boy to the DIA for some culture. He's always been interested in wanting to go to an Art Museum, so it was my goal to take him this week. The fact that they were having an Annie Lebovitz exhibit was just icing. (It was too crowded, but fascinating, just the same.) I had forgotten that half of the museum was under construction and therefore not open for exhibit space, but it was nice just the same. Nice to spend time with the critter.

And now we are here, on the eve of the New Year, poised for the better to come. We are going to a wedding reception this afternoon and then out with our Best Buds tonight. To a BAR! We never go to a BAR! Which is why New Year's Eve will probably find us snoozing in our bed.

And Monday is the Rose Bowl at Squirrel's. A semi-annual celebration of Maze and Blue and drinking and smoke. Again, it will be fun.

Then it's over. The entire vacation, over and done. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to going back to work. This untethered rambling about the house is just not for me. Too much freedom and I go just a little soft in the head.

Speaking of which. There appears to be some sunshine out there. I think I'll take my stinky self and walk the dog.


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